Now Offering: World Class Chocolate from Michigan


Micro-batchcrafted in pure Michigan with globally sourced premium cacao beans and marvelous Michigan milk & beet sugar.

Carefully Crafted

Our journey began decades ago, when we were kids peddling newspapers and mowing lawns. We enjoyed serving others, and later on founded Perennial Chocolate for the same innate reason. We’re dedicated to delivering delicious craft chocolate to the world, but without all the high-brow posturing. Bowing to our Midwestern sensibilities, we’ve debuted a delectable trio of affordable chocolatey choices, and make no apologies for touting our milk chocolate as the crowd-pleaser. We source our cocoa from sustainable fields, and infuse our recipes with milk and beet sugar culled from our home state of “Pure” Michigan.


If you’re seeking a chocolate to call your own, and want something other than the ubiquitous greeting card or bottle of wine to serve as a gift, we humbly invite you to try Perennial. And join us on our journey.